By using at the truest way we transform software and technology into efficiency and high performance.

Process Control & Automation

Industrial Control and Automation solutions in compliance with GAMP5 and FDA standards.

Energy Systems

We present assertive solutions with our solution partners for all of your care needs and increasing efficiency in terms of energy production.

Industrial Water Treatment

Turnkey solutions in cooperation with Europe’s leading water technology company BWT Pharma & Biotech GmbH and worldwide expert in water treatment OVIVO GmbH.

Industrial Data Acquisition

We provide innovative solutions for collecting industrial data, analysis and reporting.

Industrial Products

Sales and support services for mainly VIPA, Siemens, FuehlerSysteme, Moxa and Advantech industrial products.

Engineering Consultancy

We are your partner in system planning and project management processes as well as electrical construction and other engineering services on site.


1. Planning for Your Success

Success of the project depends to complete it at the planned time, in accordance with determined targets and within the frame of foreseen budget. ABT continues its studies with professional and modern project and engineering as a rising value.


2. Engineering and Production for Excellence

It determines true customer needs and meets them together with best solutions, provide qualified and educated human resources with long term partnership approach and meets customer with engineering production and services which have high level of technology.


3. Installation and Commissioning

Success of automatisation projects depends to work with a team that is specialized in the relevant field and producing true solutions for the customer.


4. Training and Documentation

Practical and target-oriented learning possibility is presented to customers with large documentation documents which are owned and engineers specialized in their fields.


5. Service Continuity

It determines customer needs and meets them with the most proper solutions, provide qualified and educated human resources by the help of long term partnership approach and meets customer with services having high level of technology.

We provide connection between you and tech.

ABT which uses cutting edge technology in a view that is customer focused, sensitive and innovative, presents control systems special for you.

We are ready to select the right technology for you. Simple and easy. Many institution have difficulties in terms of specialists in relation to full technology integration. It is an ordinary situation. Our company has specialist engineers and technicians whom will be included in your organizations as an integral part of you in terms of issues such as process development, design, installation, putting into use and technical support at your projects’ process.

How can We Help You?

Please fill the request form for your advises, requests and opinions that you would like to communicate us. Every form will be evaluated and they will guide us to serve you better. You can communicate us for your every kind of thought and demands. Have a chance to add value to current studies by working with us closer.