Research & Development

As a company which is producing technology and selling it to foreign countries, we conducted many R&D studies up to now and we have many achievements in this sense.

We adopted following all developments closely in terms of technological sense as a corporate philosophy. Support we kept for Research and Development is much higher than Turkey average.

Customer demands and approach of innovativeness which is brought by company philosophy for continuous increase in quality made us gain a strong design and development ability.

Innovative solutions that our R&D department brought in order to empower our position through competition environment and to increase our international customers expectation more are very appreciated by our customers.

By empowering R&D activities more in order to bring cost effective and innovative solutions we increase our decisiveness within the sector. Our project development and R&D team integrate their efforts in order to bring cost effective and innovative reinforcement solutions to industrial automation software sector.

Our R&D studies continue in order to form national technologies, increase our fund of knowledge and operate our sources in our active fields effectively. We aim to develop new products, decrease costs by increasing quality at the production and thus generate economic and social utility.

Studies conducted to form long term relationships with Universities and to support scientific studies and R&D studies conducted with the support of TUBİTAK are currently at a normative level.

Our third project which we have started after our R&D projects which are supported by TUBİTAK and completed by 2011 and 2013 successfully has started in 2014. Value added which is gained from our projects increased our software export to foreign countries.

Native and Flexible Data Gathering/Reporting and Data Management System

  • Consists of flexible and modular system components. Specific protocols can be added to system by hot-plug in case needed.
  • No dependency on specific SCADA or hardware.
  • Virtual channels, formula support and linearization functions.
  • Automatic graphical analysis and reporting functions.
  • Test results can be sorted, filtered, grouped, long-term archived and can be searched very fast.
  • Android mobile application support.

Native and Innovative Screening and Control Software for PLC Automation System Projects

  • Our Innovative SCADA System is SCADA preparing system for small and middle sized projects and design of it belongs to us. Its structure does not necessitate configuration and it has its own special database system and easy to put into use.
  • It is completely native and supported by TUBITAK. It is exported to Germany.
  • SCADA screen designs can be done completely by Microsoft PowerPoint just like preparing a presentation.
  • Designed to work with high performance in low-resourced computers.

Standard PLC Programming Code Library for Water Treatment Plants

  • Standardized function blocks for equipment and instruments which are used frequently in water treatment plants were developed.
  • Software library which is developed in compliance with GAMP4 and FDA CFR 21 Part 11 standards were exported to projects in Germany.
  • A shift from person-dependent programming logic towards standardized code librarian programming logic is ensured.
  • Standardized program particles of automatic control instruments which are continuously used and which would ease program preparing function, decreased total programming time and thus error margin significantly.