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Industrial control system solutions tailored to you.

Best in Turkey

We developed best software of Turkey with support of TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) for test and observation rooms in terms of industrial data collection.

VİPA Aegean Region Distributor

You can provide VIPA industrial control products from our company who is Aegean Region Representative.

Industrial Water

Water and industry meet. By German Quality. Devoting ourselves as this would be our best work.

World Leaders

Our softwares work at production facilities of world’s leading companies which are giants in their fields at many countries.

Company Profile

We are a leading software company which is trustful with its engineers who are well-informed and experienced in their relevant fields, competitive internationally and presents innovative software solutions which are needed within the industry sector.


It is key provision of our quality management system that ensuring quality image continuously and our services for our customers meet all expectations through increasing our product and production quality.

Your Partner Company

Beyond rather than working for you, we become partners with you. We would like to throw our specialist staff together with you and we move with your company like pieces of whole in order to deliver our services and accumulation of knowledge more than a single unit.

What can We do for You?

Within our organization, we have a specialist and qualified staff who conducts studies which are supported by R&D (Research and Development) in terms of industrial software. We provide senior level services in terms of industrial software needs.

In addition, we provide services such as integration of process automatisation systems with other computer systems, process monitoring, archiving and reporting solutions. We also provide services for private software needs of companies other than industrial software. We also deal with corporate software demands of companies and we present special system designs for our customers. You can reach developed and innovative solutions through desktop, mobile and/or web based applications which would be developed pursuant to your demand and needs.

We can develop process order that is required for you, we can develop either new production line or an addition to the current working process, packaging options or new process strategy. It is our one of principle that our customers have a process line where they can make efficient and trustful production. Regarding developing optimum solution that is required for you, we are with you from the first point of gathering information towards determination of detailed user necessities and specifications.

Process Control & Automation

We are with you with our Industrial Control and Automatisation which have GAMP5 standards together with our specialists who have a view that is innovative and that can contribute to your well being.

Energy Systems

We present assertive solutions together with our solution partners for your needs in relation to care and increase efficiency in terms of energy production.

Industrial Water Treatment

Turnkey solutions in cooperation with Europe’s leading water technology company BWT Pharma & Biotech GmbH and worldwide expert in water treatment OVIVO GmbH.

Industrial Data Acquisition

We provide innovative solutions for collecting industrial data, analysis and reporting.

Industrial Products

We provide sales and support services for mainly VIPA, Siemens, FuehlerSysteme, Moxa and Advantech industrial products.

Engineering Consultancy

We are your partner in system planning and project management processes as well as electrical construction and other engineering services on site.

Solution Partners

We collaborate with leading companies of sector both for the fields we are active and other fields we need at our day where information become such widespread and became the most important value and shared by the help of information possibilities in a few seconds.



We work together in order to solve your problems just like ours.

Vipa Aegean Region

We are Aegean region representative of VIPA industrial control products. There is no development without innovations. Innovations present new solutions. Innovations bring success. VIPA automation which adopts inattentiveness as a principle provides full solutions.

BWT Pharma & Biotech GmbH

We are ready to serve you together with BWT Pharma & Biotech GmbH which is one of the leading companies in the world in terms of ultra pure water and steam production, storage and distribution, that is in accordance with FDA and GAMP5 standards for pharmaceutical,...

Ovivo Deutschland GmbH

We are Turkey representative of Ovivo company which is one of the leading companies in the world in terms of process water production for industries of water treatment, drinking water operations, energy and electronics.

SIS Industrial Software GmbH

As being Turkey representative, we are ready to serve you for different industrial automation solutions of innovative and high standards with application packages for Siemens, Allen-Bradley, InTouch and PLC Reporting goods to empower our industrial production processes.


AAT company of which we are Turkey representative works within fields of flow systems, body production, installation lines to provide best solutions of EU standards to its customers.

Videc Data Engineering GmbH

Videc GmbH of which we are Turkey representative is one of leading suppliers in Europe in terms of industrial automation and industrial information technologies software.

FuehlerSysteme GmbH

As being Turkey representative of FuehlerSysteme International GmbH company which presents movement, shine, flow sensors, temperature sensors for meteorological devices, thermo-couple, humidity, pressure, air quality sensors and other sensors that you need, we present...

Insevis GmbH

We are Turkey representative of German Insevis industrial automatisation products. You can contact our company in order to have information about the goods.


You can supply Siemens industrial automation products from our company and you can reach proper solutions for you.

Rockwell Automation

You can supply Rockwell automation products from our company and you can reach proper solutions for you. we are with you for Allen-Bradley industrial control products and our SCADA solutions.

Grenzebach GmbH

It is a global system integrator for individual and smart automation solutions. The right address to reach wide product range with material distribution and transport products for your production lines in addition to technology systems which have a wide vision, portal...


You can reach the most proper product for your need by Advantech company which provides a wide range of products including industrial control and data collection via our company. We provide support for finding and selecting right product and using and installing the...

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