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ABT has been established in Izmir in 2004 as a team which took necessary education in Germany.



We started to perform PLC and SCADA softwares of industrial automatisation systems of Swiss company Christ Water Technologies which is one of leading companies of the world in terms of pharmaceutical industry and German company GOEMA GmbH which is one of leading European companies in terms of processing. TÜV company registered validation of PLC program components which are used in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry and relevant certificates are taken.



Pursuant to the contract arranged yearly, software staff went to Germany alternately, analyzed relevant systems there and started to take long-term educations in terms of PLC software. At the end of the same year, PLC software of these two companies are started to be performed by us for projects all over the world.

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ABT has became the most important provider of German GEA company for projects in Turkey and Middle East in terms of turnkey or software and start-up. By this year, number of national projects has increased. It has been started to work together with the German Grenzebach GmbH regarding projects in Turkey and near. Our studies started upon they request support from our company for all of their foreign projects and one of our teams has been moved to Germany in order to take education for solution fields of the company.



Works for industrial data collection, analysis, integration and reporting issues have started. Various projects are realized in relation to this issue for the Vestel company. Completing second TUBITAK supported R&D project with success, our unique HMI system is completed and started to be used in projects in Germany. Our this product gained innovation award at the exhibition in Germany which is held in terms of water processing and pharmaceutical production. In addition our 3rd TUBITAK supported R&D project has started.

Working together for 16 Years

High rates of satisfaction by our customers is the most important source to look at future and past with hope and happiness respectively. We always continue to work together with our team who is the most important source of value for the better for the near future.



Our R&D (Research and Development) Department is established and our first R&D project is started by the TUBITAK support. After the control made by the staff coming from the Procter & Gamble which is one of the customers of the Christ Water Technologies, it was a great success to have 94 points. It has started to work together with German company Videc GmbH which offers reporting and management software in terms of industrial waste water and Turkey representation for this company started to be performed.



By the help of powerful win-win relation that is formed mutually, increasing works performed for Christ Water Technologies by this year, industrial software works of BWT Pharma & Biotech GmbH which company is dependent to, have started to be performed by us too.



We also have started to perform software works of Ovivo Deutschland GmbH which is dependent to GLV group, Canada. As a result of relationships which were developed successfully, this company started to make our company work for their private software applications other than industrial automation software. Our office has moved to Bornova from Kemalpasa.



Our company was transformed into a joint stock company from limited liability company. ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate has been taken. Pursuant to the control made by the team coming from BWT Pharma & Biotech, 96 points and thus a great success was gained.



Our works have started as being main distributor of VIPA industrial control products at Eagean Region. Our Istanbul office has moved to its new address Nish İstanbul Bahçelievler.

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