Quality and Assurance

We make no concessions on customer based work understanding and service quality for the better forever.

ABT quality policy aims solution generation which leads to perfection. Prooud, when we look from behind every work we have finished and quality principles’ manifesting itself on our work are our mutual working culture we have built with our customers.

Measuring customers satisfaction and evaluating customer expectations are basic steps towards the future development. Our some of software-like works for pharmaceutical industry at the past pass audits which are performed by some international end users with success.


What are Our Reference Projects?

We comprehend expectations of our partners and team very well. We think it is a natural part of our work that gaining favor beyond expectations. We are ready to work together in order to perform business beyond expectations.

ABT gained trust of major institutions of the sector by the help of confidentiality policy it maintained in relation to know-how at projects realized till now. ABT takes measures before an error is created. It performs continuous improvements by following technology & news that the era required in order to serve its customers better.

The first and basic principle of ABT quality management system is to ensure continuous quality image and our services meet all expectations before our customers. It has ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certificate as a result of activities in terms of quality, occupational health and safety.