Industrial Data Acquisition

We provide innovative solutions for collecting industrial data, analysis and reporting.

Strong Infrastructure

There is no need for any specific equipment product and data gathering device which has high cost. New drivers can be easily hot-plugged regarding communication protocols which are not standard and different equipment.


Powerful Graphics and Analysis

Analyzing graphic data automatically in addition to effective visualizing with graphic display having extraordinary quality and quantity.


Next Generation Programming

Microsoft .NET based state of the art user interface.

  • Common Industrial Data Protocols
  • Easily Plug-In/Out Drivers
  • Multi-Tasking Applications
  • Powerful Microsoft SQL Database and ORM
  • No SCADA Dependency
  • Long-Term Testing Capabilities
  • Customizable Error Reporting
  • Chart Analysis Functions
  • Project and Product based Definitions
  • Different Reading Periods Supported
  • Virtual Channels
  • Formula Support
  • Linearization Function
  • Automatic Reporting
  • Android Mobile Application Support
  • ERP Integrations
  • Barcode Reading for Products
  • Archive and Backup Options
  • Offiline Data Acecss
  • Remote Connections
  • User Authentication
  • Customizable for Specific Demands
  • Audit Trail Data
  • Fast Archive Search
  • Flexible Channel Management

Tübitak Supported R&D

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) is the leading agency for management, funding and conduct of research in Turkey. After our two long term TUBİTAK supported project, third project is about data gathering and analysis that we have realized up to now.

What do you do in terms of data gathering?

While activating products such as refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine in different programs and environment at quality control test laboratories of producer factories, energy consumption, water consumption, gathering various parameters such as temperature, humidity, frequency, flow, voltage value at critical points and process connections, water consumption, energy consumption, showing these values online and record to data base, performing various analyses in accordance with product specifications, arranging reports are basic activities we perform in data gathering field.

In addition, we also provide productivity at energy and reporting services with modules we provide in relation to energy consumption.

Which sectors do you perform studies for?

A data gathering system is developed to use at test and observation rooms which are prepared for quality and R&D studies of companies having production within the fields of consumer electronics and white appliances sector pursuant to objectives determined previously.

Works for data gathering system which is developed to observe quality, productivity and performance of the good after production, new product designing and developing the current product continue.

Fields of energy and health are other important target sectors we work for.

What do you aim through services you provide?

By the services we provide, it is contributed to determine quality of the product and form data infrastructure for necessary R&D studies in relation to companies to determine product quality.

To design control system is one of our activities in order to reach aimed speed and quality and to increase process productivity of companies.

System is designed by selecting proper sensor, device and card in accordance with parameters which are demanded to be observed, then software is prepared and required education is made for easy use of the users.

What is test and observation room?

Companies make various tests during quality and R&D studies to observe productivity, quality and performance, new product design, works to develop current product after the production.

Test environment in which products will be subject to test period shall have some features in accordance with the test type that will be performed. Rooms in which equipment devices that might be needed and required systems are available and which is in accordance with test execution criteria and prepared specially are called as Test and Observation Room.

More work per unit of time and an increase in quality of the works performed are realized by effective use of test and observation rooms and providing saving on time for companies.

What is your difference from other systems in terms of data gathering?

Many data gathering systems at the sector are mainly SCADA based systems which are developed as standard to determine product cost, relevant waste and energy which is consumed during production by following products of companies.

By this new Data Gathering System which is realized differently from these systems, it makes it possible for producer companies to develop product studies, increase efficiency, develop R&D product studies and develop goods with ideal quality.

By using WPF technology which is new generation user interface development and screening platform of Microsoft at Windows environment, all advantages are made use of from this programming technology. Application has a modern and apparent interface.

Which Software Technologies Do You Use?

Our Windows applications are Microsoft .NET Framework based. We use Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) in development of user interfaces for our Windows applications. We provide solutions frequently including multi-threading, ORM, Microsoft SQL Server, LINQ, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and ASP.NET. We provide native applications for Android platform programmed in Java.

We use both Git and SVN for source control purposes depending on the project type.