Industrial control products are available from our company. We are Aegean region distributor of Videc products in Turkey.

Development is not possible without innovations. Innovations provide new solutions. Innovations bring success. VIPA automation which adopts inattentiveness as a principle provides full solutions. It does not only provide operators which have SPEED7 technology and speed advantage with its extraordinary speed. By the help of SPEEDbus technology developed by the VIPA, reaction and signal process time can be extended.

300S Serisi PLC

One of the fastest and most effective one in terms of µC based systems in the world. Can work with no need to an additional memory card.

SLIO Slice I/O System

  • Low-space consumption
  • Direct connection to modules
  • Easy programming
  • 48MBit/s transfer speed
  • 20µs response time

Preference of Innovators.

Developer of technologies at the standards of industry and world’s fastest PLCs in its class continue to be preference of innovators by its branches in 60 countries.

2014-2015 Catalog

You can find VIPA actual product catalog here.

300S Series Modules

List of 300S PLC series products

300S Series Presentation

Our presentation about 300S Series PLC products.

Operator Panel Brochure

You can find information about our operator panels here.

Operator Panel Presentation

Our presentation about operator panel products.

SLIO I/O Presentation

Our presentation about SLIO I/O systems.

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