Grenzebach Automation GmbH

General Industry

Grenzebach with its headquarter at Karlsruhe is a global system partner center for individual and smart automation solutions of Grenzebach group of companies in terms of general industry. Robots, grippers, driver-less transport systems, portal systems and vision technology systems distribution and transport are parts of the Grenzebach solutions.

Glass Technology

From a single machine to a complete production line – with our efficient process controlled material flow equipment, Grenzebach is the trendsetter in this industry.

Logistic Solutions

With more than 50 years in the business, Grenzebach provides intelligent material handling, production, and automation technologies for a wide variety of industries. This extensive knowledge together with its technologies has enabled them to create innovative, sector-based and application-specific automation solutions.

Grenzebach closes the automation gap in the logistics process with the help of automation modules that are aligned with the many requirements of various industries.

Automated Baggage Handling

With vast experience in the automated baggage handling at airports, where no piece of luggage has the same form, weight or characteristics, Grenzebach is a world leader in this specialized arena.

The economic justification of a palletizing system is mainly driven by the achievable throughput (cases per hour), the system availability, the required floor space and the utilization rate of the complete production line.

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