System Engineering

AAT GmbH is a specialist for controls technology with nearly 20 years experience in plant engineering. Experienced technicians have in­stalled pro­duction and material flow system in the automotive sector, their sub­-con­tracting firms as well as many other industries worldwide.

Works within the fields of process center, installation lines, body production and AAT materials flow system. It focuses in order to provide best solutions of EU standards to its target customers.

Material Flow
Hardly any production and logistic organization can work without material transport and automated material handling. AAT delivers and mounts for these systems complete professional controls and energy technology and offer for the complete life cycle of these systems a customized support in service and maintenance.
Body Production
Business field in the body con­struction reaches from joining of com­ponents via the sub-assembly to complete vehicle chassis and attached parts. Besides provides simple auto­mated pro­duction equip­ment as well as flexible manufacturing sys­tems.
Assembly Lines
Delivers the com­plete controls tech­nology in­cluding commissio­ning of assembly units as well as fully auto­mated assembly lines for com­ponent pro­ductions.
Machining Centers
Con­trols tech­nology and commissioning of uni­versal pro­cessing centers up to flexible assembly sys­tems.

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