Company Profile

Beyond working for you, we become partners with you and we devote ourself to every project as if it will be our best work ever.

Business Fields

We move with consciousness of we are to generate solutions which are more qualified and faster than before for both national and global customers who serve to many countries in the world or who are localized in Europe.


ABT, as a R&D company which produces/sells technology and which continue its activities in various disciplines has succeeded many extraordinary achievements and conducted many various R&D project in different sectors till now.


Having innovative point of views is our habit at our studies. By continuously asking question of How can we make better one?, we have soul of change that is required to be innovative and to be different in terms of many products, services and methods.

What We Do

ABT which is established to serve in the field of industrial software and technolpogy development is a company which is innovative, dynamic, solution oriented, making a difference, adding a value by its products and services, attaching importance to customer satisfaction and quality understanding and presenting these services to its customers with optimum cost.

We realize works within the projects that we have undertaken with high level of customer satisfaction by the help of our experienced, well informed and organized staff and we proceed in our way by attaching importance to quality and Research & Development studies.

Process Control & Automation

Industrial Data Acquisition

Energy Systems

Industrial Products

Industrial Water Treatment


Engineering Consultancy

About Us

Our company which was established in Izmir as a young team who have taken necessary educations at Germany in 2004 becomes bigger day by day by establishing long term strategical partnerships with our customers by the help of our win-win and quality centered approach.

We present all work within projects we undertook together with our experienced and well informed engineers with high level of customer appreciation and we proceed by attaching importance to R&D studies and quality.

ABT family is a team which has occupational expertness together with its professional and experienced staff. This team which has high level of sense of responsibility implements quality standards with team spirit.

Mission & Vision

Mission of our company is to produce technologies and projects which will contribute well being of country economy for national and foreign companies which are leader at the sector.

For this reason it educates personnel in accordance with highest standards and helps teams to develop qualification and vision which are needed for a succesful team.

Target to be an institution which is preferred and known well, that is leading at its sector in the future through strategical plans it arranged and goods & services which add value to customers support company vision.



ABT quality policy aims producing solutions which extend towards perfection. When we looked at every project we have finished, proud we have and our quality principles showing themselves at our work are our mutual working culture that we have established together with our customers.

The first and basic condition of ABT quality management system is that our services meet all expectation before our customers and quality image is continuously ensured. Our company has taken ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certificate as a result of works performed in 2014 with activities in terms of quality, occupational health and safety.

By the help of confidentiality policy in relation to know how at projects performed till now, ABT gained trust of customers who are from leader institutions at the sector. ABT takes preventive measurements before mistakes occur.

We continuously make developments following all technological innovations that era required in order to serve customers better. Documentation of engineering services we produce is prepared at each step (design, installation, test, putting into use) from starting to the end regarding all systems we start up and delivered to the user.

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